Unmatched passion and genius are elements that distinguish Wonderland srl, a manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Parma, born in 1986 and specialized in the production
of sportswear. A collection of jackets, trench coats and raincoats made of fabric that in the 90’s is enriched with a selected choice of leather garments and sherlings.

In 2008 a new manufacturing plant is opened in Collecchio, conceived and designed in order to allow each worker to work in a pleasant environment and under the possible conditions.

Creativity, passion and exellence

Creativity, passion and exellence are the values common to our craftsmen. Essential qualities that characterize each collection and which are the source of an international success.

Tradition and research

Corrado Talignani has been working in the textile sector for about 40 years and today, in Kired, he is general manager. 40 people work with us who with great experience carry on the sartorial tradition of our product.

A dream of beauty

We do not pack but we create.

This is the element that distinguishes Kired in the fashion world. The fabric is living material and is cocooned by iron, steam and manual arts. The continuous research of innovative materials is combined with highly specialized artisan craftsmanship.

A Kired garment is differentiated from the detail.

Our big family

Maria has been part of our family for 15 years. Each Kired garment is a unique piece and each realization sees the commitment and collaboration of each of us. This is the reason why we are a great family.

A journey of passion

Our history is distinguished by years of experience in high quality fabrics and drapery. The need for a new structure welcomes our idea of ​​product and quality, welcoming anyone who wishes to approach the textile reality. We focus on quality, on the combination of raw materials, accessories and processing, with a constant effort for research.


Timeless collections made with the finest fabrics and leathers thoroughly researched.


A product that is not victim of fads but is ontinously evolving and reinterprets the codes of elegance and good taste.